The Syndicate of Heritage Film Catalogues

A professional organization dedicated to the defense of French and European cinematographic heritage

Since its inception, the SCFP has contributed, through the work of its members, to the restoration and preservation of more than 2,000 classic films, supported laboratories in their acquisition and use of technological innovations and provided advocacy and expertise as a contributor to major national debates and legal texts regarding the preservation, cultural sovereignty, and dissemination of films to all audiences.

Beyond the inestimable cultural value of films to society, cinematographic heritage is also a thriving economic sector:

  • 100 million euros in annual revenues
  • 80 million euros invested by classic film rights holders in film restoration work since 2012
  • Positive employment impact with the creation of hundreds of direct or indirect jobs linked to knowledge-based productivity and innovation, which is lauded world-wide
  • A sector of excellent for France

The SCFP had the honor of a most auspicious beginning under the prestigious patronage of its honorary president, Bertrand Tavernier, whose film and series VOYAGE(S) THROUGH FRENCH CINEMA sparked a desire for classic films in the public. In homage to this immense connoisseur and enthusiast of cinematographic heritage, the SCFP has made him Honorary Founding President.

© Droits Réservés - Sarah Tavernier

Film rights holders: central players in the heritage cinema sector

Archiving and conservation of films

Advocacy for film restoration funding

Acting as catalyst for classic film distribution in France and abroad

Collaborating with authors and talent

Encouraging the availability of works on digital platforms

Bringing classic films to audiences world-wide

Ensuring accessibility for handicapped audiences


The SCFP’s 10 members reflect the diversity of the sector

Created in January 2019, the Syndicate of Heritage Film Catalogues (SCFP) emerged from the desire of its founding members to preserve and defend the interests and influence of French and European cinematographic heritage.

This organization brings together a plurality of players in the film industry – historical production companies, subsidiaries of large audiovisual groups and smaller, independent companies.

With more than 15,000 films, the SCFP represents nearly 80% of classic French cinema

As such, the varied expertise of its members fuels the ongoing work of reflection, and making it possible for classic films to regain the place they deserve with audiences both in France and internationally.

Argos Films

Founded in 1949 by Philippe Lifschitz and Anatole Dauman, Argos Films has always contributed in a decisive manner to the international reputation of French cinema through its multi-award-winning short films and feature films, maintaining inspiration, identity, and independence throughout the years.


Cinématographique Lyre

Founded by Alberto Barsanti in 1952, the company, still family-owned and independent today, manages a catalog of European films where all genres are represented, including numerous co-productions that have become classics.



Born with cinema in 1895, Gaumont is the oldest film production company in the world. With a catalogue of 1,500 works and 250 employees, the company is established on two continents and in five countries: Paris, London, Berlin, Rome and Los Angeles.


Les Films du Jeudi

Les Films du Jeudi catalogue holds a century’s worth of independent French cinema. These films, mostly produced by Pierre Braunberger, bring together renowned authors and directors from yesterday and today, women and men who have made, and continue to make cinema shine.


Les Films du Losange

Created in 1962 by Barbet Schroeder to produce the films of Éric Rohmer, Les Films du Losange has since accompanied directors from all over the world, from the most prestigious, established authors to new talents. The distribution (1986) and international sales (1999) branches of the company contribute to the high visibility of this catalogue of more than 325 feature films.


Les Productions J. Roitfeld

Productions J. Roitfeld is a family company established in 1947. The catalogue includes classic films, including DOCTOR KNOCK with Louis Jouvet and THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO with Jean Marais; genre films including PLEASE, NOT NOW with Brigitte Bardot; and European films such as THE HEROES OF TELEMARK with Kirk Douglas contribute to the influence of a catalogue of more than 325 feature films.


Pathé Films

A historic player in world cinema, Pathé Films is among the leading European studios, producing, co-producing, and releasing between 10 to 15 films each year: mainstream blockbusters, comedies, and arthouse films. Deeply attached to its history and more broadly to that of cinema, Pathé has digitized and restored more than a hundred films since 2012, including emblematic masterpieces of the 7th art such as CHILDREN OF PARADISE by Marcel Carné, THE LEOPARD by Luchino Visconti, SO LONG, STOOGE by Claude Berri and LE SAMOURAI by Jean-Pierre Melville.



SND is the audio-visual rights subsidiary of M6 ​​Group. Its main activities are the production, co-production, acquisition, and distribution of French and international cinema. SND also contributes to the preservation and promotion of European cinematographic heritage through a catalogue of more than 1000 films from the 1930s to the present day, including a wide range of repertory films such as BEAUTY AND THE BEAST by J. Cocteau, THE JEUDI by D. Risi, THE SWIMMING POOL by J. Deray, MEDEA by P.P. Pasolini, the saga of the Gendarmes by J. Girault or J. Becker's ONE DEADLY SUMMER.


European leader in the production, distribution and international sales of feature films and TV series, Studiocanal has a vast catalogue of nearly 8,000 titles from 60 countries and covering 100 years of cinema history.



Integrated into Newen Studios, TF1 Studio is the group's cinema production and distribution label, notably in charge of promoting a catalogue of nearly 1,000 films, from 1930 to the present day, including numerous masterpieces such as THE PIANO by Jane Campion, NIGHTS OF CABRIRIA by Federico Fellini or THE WAGES OF FEAR by Henri-Georges Clouzot.



Executive Committee 2024


Sabrina Joutard (Pathé)


Laurence Braunberger (Les Films du Jeudi)

Nathalie Graumann (SND)


Jérôme Soulet (Gaumont)


Patricia Barsanti (Cinématographique Lyre)

Anaïs Mayeras (SND)

Maud Mischi (Gaumont)

Pierre Olivier (TF1 Studio)

Bénédicte Viallet (StudioCanal)

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